I love, love, love farm-tables! They are so homey I guess. This is the newest one in our shop! This would look so great with a wood long tray and pumpkins in the center of the table. I am hoping to get to decorate it in the shop in time for the holidays! The tables go really pretty quickly and if I had another spot in my house I would keep it.


I re-purposed my own farm-table and looked and looked for months. Once I found the perfect table I set to work making it mine thinking oh, this will be easy no worries. Well after months of first sanding it. Thanks to my husband he really took over and helped me to sand. I was looking for just this right look so after much researching and trying all kinds of things. From staining it with tea bags, which didn’t work so don’t do that! Then I used some gray stain which again didn’t work. I finally came across the perfect recipe for the look I was going for.





This one is super sturdy and seriously solid! They don’t make furniture like this anymore!

Write in the comments below what is your favorite table style.

NOCO Style Magazine Feature

Amy Lane, co-owner of Berthoud Vintage with her daughter, says she has long had an interest in furniture, and began refinishing antiques as a way to extend their lives after they had gone out of style.

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