It’s not work if you enjoy what you do!

When looking for furniture there are a few things we check for before deciding to start a project. Firstly, is the quality of wood. If you know us, we want the wood to be real and sturdy. Something that will last for years to come. Secondly, we look for uniqueness but something that will fit with every style but one of a kind pieces you wouldn’t find at a department store. Lastly, we look at the piece, deciding if it needs to be painted, re-stained, fixed… etc. Luckily we came across this absolutely beautiful 1950’s side table. The design on the cabinet doors is what caught our eye, and the nice scrolly legs on the bottom. The top was cut in a similar design to the doors and we were in love! We thought this was going to be an “easy peasy” project, but no…

After looking it over we soon realized we were in for a new project (nothing good ever comes easy). It was slapped with white paint, but that was the only issue. There was so much potential for this old cabinet and we couldn’t just let it sit around. It needed to be seen and enjoyed!

We decided we really liked that gray weathered look and really thought that was the way to go. So we knew in order to get that look you have to sand everything down. Oh no problem that’s easy right…….


So we decided we would test the waters and sand the doors and then stain them with a process that works with the tannin’s in the wood were you get that weathered look. First drawer looked beautiful…..then the 2nd drawer was totally different! Of COURSE!
Hmmmm…  setting that aside. Decided to see how things looked once working on the larger beautiful ornate doors the door is like 2 inches thick! Amazing! Not something you see in furniture today. But, seeing how deep the carvings are in the ornate wood I can see why they would need to have that thick of a door. So sanded away again working around all the carvings and taking special tools to work around the carvings so as not to damage it proved to be very labor intensive and long….but finally the door was down to the bare wood.
Putting on the special stain to show the tannins in the wood naturally. It looked nice but….well not. The wood was different than the drawers so it was not going to match!
So staring and staring at it and wanting to choose the right color for this beautiful piece was proving to be a bit more challenging than originally thought. We couldn’t do the grey weathered look because the process wasn’t going to work with the different shades of wood.
Thinking about things… I really like that Restoration Hardware look and the colors that are the rustic brown. So, we decided to paint it with a beautiful taupe chalk paint yet keep the white in the creases to give it that aged patina look. Finally, it appeared things were coming together. The top needed to be worked on now and thought having it a darker stained top would be ideal and again it didn’t work!  Too dark and too shiny. I don’t like shiny I prefer the more matte look because it’s soft and not so “in your face”.  Fortunately we have plenty of tools and processes to know how to remove wax.
Instead of a dark stain, a black wash was added on to the top to still keep that wood look and it indeed was what we were looking for! The process was dry painting on more paint on the top adding very, very little black wax, and putting the white wax in the creases it turned out beautiful!
Learning new things is the reason why we do this. It allows room for creativity and growth as well as being able to bring old furniture, that was collecting dust, new life! Now someone else can enjoy this wonderful piece in their home and that’s really the reason why we do this!
If you need a piece for us to refinish, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always looking to learn new techniques and will do our very best to make you something for your style.

Does Quality Furniture Matter Anymore?

When Buying Furniture, What Draws You in the Most?

Quality? Looks? Price? Durability? For me personally it’s all of those things, so you can imagine how hard it is to find and affordable, beautiful, quality piece of anything!

I’ve been pondering this for a while and seeing as I am within the “millennial” spectrum. I’ve come to realize a lot of my generation cannot afford brand new furniture that looks nice and isn’t cheaply made. These days, it’s super light, poorly made furniture that actually does look nice but it isn’t made to last! What’s with that?


How One Generation Changed the Way We Think About Furniture

Growing up my grandparents had furniture that was built a long long time ago and it was HEAVY, and it was meant to last. Recently, I came across this little blog. This guy had a couch that literally was passed down through generations until it got to him. It didn’t last much longer and he threw it away. He describes that a lot of people in their 20’s-30’s really don’t care about the quality because they are busy with bills, student loans, and being able to afford the necessities. 

My mom, all throughout growing up has made old things new (or new things look old). She is an artist… truly. Growing up we had a nicely decorated house but it didn’t start out that way. When my parents first were married they had nothing really, but both of them knew the quality in real wood. I mean, my parents first piece of furniture was this beautiful wood side table that they actually found because someone was going to toss it. You can’t find this at IKEA. You can’t. They still have it and it is truly one of a kind.



Everything Old is New Again

What we do here at Berthoud Vintage is bring old things new life without the killer cost. A lot of our pieces are worth way more up-cycled, but we can’t bring ourselves to charge as much as some people. Sure, we do take our time on some of the pieces because we don’t like what we did to it the first couple of times, but we see it more as an art rather than work.

What we have here you will not find at IKEA or Hobby Lobby or wherever else that particle board seems to be. You know that cheap wood. That feather light type of wood. I can’t stand that stuff. Maybe I sound arrogant, but it just isn’t wood. It looks nice which is great for some people, but for a lot of the price tags that are put on those things… not worth it. There are SOMETIMES, however, I wish we didn’t have to drag huge, heavy, pieces of furniture into the little shop, but man… does it look different in comparison. We usually have pieces that are one of a kind, unique things that you can’t really find anywhere. But high production pieces… a lot of people will have. There is that old motto “quality over quantity” and it is SO true.

Refurbished Armoire at Berthoud Vintage


I got the inspiration from this blog. It talks about how to determine particle board or chipboard from real wood furniture as well as looking for some of the tell tale signs of a poorly made piece of furniture.

Set a Festive and Cozy Ambience this Fall Season

There are so many ways to decorate your home in tasteful and inexpensive ways for the fall season. Decorating in layers is key here. Leaves, pumpkins, fall greenery and foliage, pine cones , and even branches from your backyard can add so much to a room. Tall branches from Aspen trees can be placed in a corner to add height, these can be put up all year long.

If you’re going for more of a modern farmhouse look, try to stay with neutral colors. White, beige, and a little sprinkle of light olive green or a pastel orange will make you’re home look crisp as well as stylish. This is more of the style I go for because my home is more of an industrial farmhouse style, so the neutral colors work well with a lot of the metal and wood.

I would have to say that the two most important things to decorate would have to be the centerpiece of the dining room table and the mantle over the fireplace. These are two places that people spend the most time in my home.

Table Centerpiece

When thinking of fall, people usually think of bright oranges, reds and warm brown tones. A neutral color palette can add a warm romantic feel with the comfy touch of subtle highlights of autumn. Fall is the longest holiday season, starting in September and ending in November. A fresh looking centerpiece can last throughout the fall months. Here are some tips on having eye-catching table decor with things that you most likely have already!

1. Decide on a color scheme. In decorating we like to use warm neutral tones with a splash of greenery and autumn colors.

2. Layering is essential when decorating any room in your home. Starting with a centerpiece to give your table that inviting feel. We start with a long metal tray. You can use anything as the base of your centerpiece, wood is a great option or a large white ceramic plate. Leaves would be great to put on top of whatever base you chose.

3. Then, we would add our white pumpkins or even adding small pails and putting the pumpkins inside to give your centerpiece some height. You don’t want it to look flat. Try to make it interesting from all angles so everyone can have a pleasant view around the table.

4. Adding greenery and adding white berries will give it that festive look.

5.For a final touch you can add, battery powered twinkle lights to give you that warm magical holiday feel! And voila you have a beautiful centerpiece to enjoy for the fall season!


Fireplace Mantle

Usually, everyone spends their time together either in the kitchen or in the living room. You want to make everyone feel cozy and comfortable. My mantle is always decorated each season because it is such a wonderful canvas to layer on to. Here are some tips for getting a look that will show off your unique style.

1. Take everything off! Yep! Take every single thing off and dust it clean.

2. Find the center. Once you’ve figured out the center, the wall behind it makes a great focus point. A wreath, a mirror, artwork, or a sign with a nice saying works great here.

3. Decide what colors work best for your room. Neutrals work great, but you can’t go wrong with color. It’s fall! Just try not to make it too bright or adding to many colors.

4. Bring in the outdoors. Bring in branches to lay across the mantle. This adds texture and a fall feel.

5. Candles, vases, pumpkins, pinecones, and leaves are all perfect. Keep it interesting and get creative.

6. Drape a garland across the front. I really love real looking garlands that have vines draping down with leaves to accent.


There’s just a couple of tips for you in your decorating adventures! I’d love to see what you all come up with this fall so please don’t hesitate to share!

🍁 Have a happy autumn!! 🍁




I love, love, love farm-tables! They are so homey I guess. This is the newest one in our shop! This would look so great with a wood long tray and pumpkins in the center of the table. I am hoping to get to decorate it in the shop in time for the holidays! The tables go really pretty quickly and if I had another spot in my house I would keep it.


I re-purposed my own farm-table and looked and looked for months. Once I found the perfect table I set to work making it mine thinking oh, this will be easy no worries. Well after months of first sanding it. Thanks to my husband he really took over and helped me to sand. I was looking for just this right look so after much researching and trying all kinds of things. From staining it with tea bags, which didn’t work so don’t do that! Then I used some gray stain which again didn’t work. I finally came across the perfect recipe for the look I was going for.





This one is super sturdy and seriously solid! They don’t make furniture like this anymore!

Write in the comments below what is your favorite table style.

Everyday is the Best Day Ever


Going to market might be a cup of tea for some, but not everyone!

Usually, on the weekends my mom, Amy, and myself go on outings to find the most unique furniture or decor that we can find. It is fun and allows us to connect because most of the time we find ourselves caught up in a lot of other things to actually get together.

One day, I had to bring my children with me, Cassandra who is eight and Jackson who is five. Now…. This was a MUCH longer trip to a distant distant distant place…. And I had no other choice but to bring them along.

I, myself, remember going on trips like this with my mom… And no. As a child it was not fun. Not fun at all.

While visiting one of the shops there my mom asks the kids if they are having any fun…. My beautiful and brutally honest daughter simply says “No… Not really”

I then ask Jackson if he is having any fun and he says “Yes, this is the best day, EVER!”

Even after all the driving, walking, and endless store venturing he still is in a pretty positive mood.

Cassandra looks at him. “No it isn’t, Jackson. It isn’t Christmas… It isn’t your birthday. It’s not Easter! It isn’t the best day ever.”

He smiles, almost with attitude. “Yes! It is the best day EVER! Everyday is the best day ever!” My mom and I just laughed and entered another shop.

Yes… Even over Christmas, his birthday, and Easter… Everyday was the best day.

After coming home,I had thought about what he had said… What a simple saying, yet it actually had a bit of truth to it.

Everyday is a gift.




You don’t get this day back, so relish in the good and the bad… Because time keeps going and you don’t get that day back.

Cherish today and live in the present….

Be present.

And welcome tomorrow.

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