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When looking for furniture there are a few things we check for before deciding to start a project. Firstly, is the quality of wood. If you know us, we want the wood to be real and sturdy. Something that will last for years to come. Secondly, we look for uniqueness but something that will fit with every style but one of a kind pieces you wouldn’t find at a department store. Lastly, we look at the piece, deciding if it needs to be painted, re-stained, fixed… etc. Luckily we came across this absolutely beautiful 1950’s side table. The design on the cabinet doors is what caught our eye, and the nice scrolly legs on the bottom. The top was cut in a similar design to the doors and we were in love! We thought this was going to be an “easy peasy” project, but no…

After looking it over we soon realized we were in for a new project (nothing good ever comes easy). It was slapped with white paint, but that was the only issue. There was so much potential for this old cabinet and we couldn’t just let it sit around. It needed to be seen and enjoyed!

We decided we really liked that gray weathered look and really thought that was the way to go. So we knew in order to get that look you have to sand everything down. Oh no problem that’s easy right…….


So we decided we would test the waters and sand the doors and then stain them with a process that works with the tannin’s in the wood were you get that weathered look. First drawer looked beautiful…..then the 2nd drawer was totally different! Of COURSE!
Hmmmm…  setting that aside. Decided to see how things looked once working on the larger beautiful ornate doors the door is like 2 inches thick! Amazing! Not something you see in furniture today. But, seeing how deep the carvings are in the ornate wood I can see why they would need to have that thick of a door. So sanded away again working around all the carvings and taking special tools to work around the carvings so as not to damage it proved to be very labor intensive and long….but finally the door was down to the bare wood.
Putting on the special stain to show the tannins in the wood naturally. It looked nice but….well not. The wood was different than the drawers so it was not going to match!
So staring and staring at it and wanting to choose the right color for this beautiful piece was proving to be a bit more challenging than originally thought. We couldn’t do the grey weathered look because the process wasn’t going to work with the different shades of wood.
Thinking about things… I really like that Restoration Hardware look and the colors that are the rustic brown. So, we decided to paint it with a beautiful taupe chalk paint yet keep the white in the creases to give it that aged patina look. Finally, it appeared things were coming together. The top needed to be worked on now and thought having it a darker stained top would be ideal and again it didn’t work!  Too dark and too shiny. I don’t like shiny I prefer the more matte look because it’s soft and not so “in your face”.  Fortunately we have plenty of tools and processes to know how to remove wax.
Instead of a dark stain, a black wash was added on to the top to still keep that wood look and it indeed was what we were looking for! The process was dry painting on more paint on the top adding very, very little black wax, and putting the white wax in the creases it turned out beautiful!
Learning new things is the reason why we do this. It allows room for creativity and growth as well as being able to bring old furniture, that was collecting dust, new life! Now someone else can enjoy this wonderful piece in their home and that’s really the reason why we do this!
If you need a piece for us to refinish, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always looking to learn new techniques and will do our very best to make you something for your style.
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