Does Quality Furniture Matter Anymore?

When Buying Furniture, What Draws You in the Most?

Quality? Looks? Price? Durability? For me personally it’s all of those things, so you can imagine how hard it is to find and affordable, beautiful, quality piece of anything!

I’ve been pondering this for a while and seeing as I am within the “millennial” spectrum. I’ve come to realize a lot of my generation cannot afford brand new furniture that looks nice and isn’t cheaply made. These days, it’s super light, poorly made furniture that actually does look nice but it isn’t made to last! What’s with that?


How One Generation Changed the Way We Think About Furniture

Growing up my grandparents had furniture that was built a long long time ago and it was HEAVY, and it was meant to last. Recently, I came across this little blog. This guy had a couch that literally was passed down through generations until it got to him. It didn’t last much longer and he threw it away. He describes that a lot of people in their 20’s-30’s really don’t care about the quality because they are busy with bills, student loans, and being able to afford the necessities. 

My mom, all throughout growing up has made old things new (or new things look old). She is an artist… truly. Growing up we had a nicely decorated house but it didn’t start out that way. When my parents first were married they had nothing really, but both of them knew the quality in real wood. I mean, my parents first piece of furniture was this beautiful wood side table that they actually found because someone was going to toss it. You can’t find this at IKEA. You can’t. They still have it and it is truly one of a kind.



Everything Old is New Again

What we do here at Berthoud Vintage is bring old things new life without the killer cost. A lot of our pieces are worth way more up-cycled, but we can’t bring ourselves to charge as much as some people. Sure, we do take our time on some of the pieces because we don’t like what we did to it the first couple of times, but we see it more as an art rather than work.

What we have here you will not find at IKEA or Hobby Lobby or wherever else that particle board seems to be. You know that cheap wood. That feather light type of wood. I can’t stand that stuff. Maybe I sound arrogant, but it just isn’t wood. It looks nice which is great for some people, but for a lot of the price tags that are put on those things… not worth it. There are SOMETIMES, however, I wish we didn’t have to drag huge, heavy, pieces of furniture into the little shop, but man… does it look different in comparison. We usually have pieces that are one of a kind, unique things that you can’t really find anywhere. But high production pieces… a lot of people will have. There is that old motto “quality over quantity” and it is SO true.

Refurbished Armoire at Berthoud Vintage


I got the inspiration from this blog. It talks about how to determine particle board or chipboard from real wood furniture as well as looking for some of the tell tale signs of a poorly made piece of furniture.