Set a Festive and Cozy Ambience this Fall Season

There are so many ways to decorate your home in tasteful and inexpensive ways for the fall season. Decorating in layers is key here. Leaves, pumpkins, fall greenery and foliage, pine cones , and even branches from your backyard can add so much to a room. Tall branches from Aspen trees can be placed in a corner to add height, these can be put up all year long.

If you’re going for more of a modern farmhouse look, try to stay with neutral colors. White, beige, and a little sprinkle of light olive green or a pastel orange will make you’re home look crisp as well as stylish. This is more of the style I go for because my home is more of an industrial farmhouse style, so the neutral colors work well with a lot of the metal and wood.

I would have to say that the two most important things to decorate would have to be the centerpiece of the dining room table and the mantle over the fireplace. These are two places that people spend the most time in my home.

Table Centerpiece

When thinking of fall, people usually think of bright oranges, reds and warm brown tones. A neutral color palette can add a warm romantic feel with the comfy touch of subtle highlights of autumn. Fall is the longest holiday season, starting in September and ending in November. A fresh looking centerpiece can last throughout the fall months. Here are some tips on having eye-catching table decor with things that you most likely have already!

1. Decide on a color scheme. In decorating we like to use warm neutral tones with a splash of greenery and autumn colors.

2. Layering is essential when decorating any room in your home. Starting with a centerpiece to give your table that inviting feel. We start with a long metal tray. You can use anything as the base of your centerpiece, wood is a great option or a large white ceramic plate. Leaves would be great to put on top of whatever base you chose.

3. Then, we would add our white pumpkins or even adding small pails and putting the pumpkins inside to give your centerpiece some height. You don’t want it to look flat. Try to make it interesting from all angles so everyone can have a pleasant view around the table.

4. Adding greenery and adding white berries will give it that festive look.

5.For a final touch you can add, battery powered twinkle lights to give you that warm magical holiday feel! And voila you have a beautiful centerpiece to enjoy for the fall season!


Fireplace Mantle

Usually, everyone spends their time together either in the kitchen or in the living room. You want to make everyone feel cozy and comfortable. My mantle is always decorated each season because it is such a wonderful canvas to layer on to. Here are some tips for getting a look that will show off your unique style.

1. Take everything off! Yep! Take every single thing off and dust it clean.

2. Find the center. Once you’ve figured out the center, the wall behind it makes a great focus point. A wreath, a mirror, artwork, or a sign with a nice saying works great here.

3. Decide what colors work best for your room. Neutrals work great, but you can’t go wrong with color. It’s fall! Just try not to make it too bright or adding to many colors.

4. Bring in the outdoors. Bring in branches to lay across the mantle. This adds texture and a fall feel.

5. Candles, vases, pumpkins, pinecones, and leaves are all perfect. Keep it interesting and get creative.

6. Drape a garland across the front. I really love real looking garlands that have vines draping down with leaves to accent.


There’s just a couple of tips for you in your decorating adventures! I’d love to see what you all come up with this fall so please don’t hesitate to share!

🍁 Have a happy autumn!! 🍁