Everyday is the Best Day Ever


Going to market might be a cup of tea for some, but not everyone!

Usually, on the weekends my mom, Amy, and myself go on outings to find the most unique furniture or decor that we can find. It is fun and allows us to connect because most of the time we find ourselves caught up in a lot of other things to actually get together.

One day, I had to bring my children with me, Cassandra who is eight and Jackson who is five. Now…. This was a MUCH longer trip to a distant distant distant place…. And I had no other choice but to bring them along.

I, myself, remember going on trips like this with my mom… And no. As a child it was not fun. Not fun at all.

While visiting one of the shops there my mom asks the kids if they are having any fun…. My beautiful and brutally honest daughter simply says “No… Not really”

I then ask Jackson if he is having any fun and he says “Yes, this is the best day, EVER!”

Even after all the driving, walking, and endless store venturing he still is in a pretty positive mood.

Cassandra looks at him. “No it isn’t, Jackson. It isn’t Christmas… It isn’t your birthday. It’s not Easter! It isn’t the best day ever.”

He smiles, almost with attitude. “Yes! It is the best day EVER! Everyday is the best day ever!” My mom and I just laughed and entered another shop.

Yes… Even over Christmas, his birthday, and Easter… Everyday was the best day.

After coming home,I had thought about what he had said… What a simple saying, yet it actually had a bit of truth to it.

Everyday is a gift.




You don’t get this day back, so relish in the good and the bad… Because time keeps going and you don’t get that day back.

Cherish today and live in the present….

Be present.

And welcome tomorrow.